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One of the toughest issues in any divorce/separation is what will happen to your children. This process can be emotionally and mentally taxing for children, so it’s important to come to a quick and amicable agreement with your spouse. The Law Offices of Mark W. Bartolomei can help, delivering reliable legal guidance backed by our more than 20 years of experience practicing family law in Worcester County and the surrounding communities. We focus on mediation and reaching fair settlements during a divorce/separation, allowing you to avoid the cost and stress of litigation.

Helping you understand the various child custody options

Depending on the situation, you may wish to maintain sole custody of your children or arrange joint custody. This agreement will dictate which parent sees the children at certain times. For example, one parent might have the children during the week, while the other sees them on weekends. While there are many iterations, the following are the main types of child custody arrangements:

  • Joint custody. In this arrangement, both parents are responsible for the child’s health and well-being, and might split the time in which they get to see their children.
  • Sole custody. One parent maintains sole custody over the children, with the other parent allotted visitation rights.This is becoming increasingly rare and is usually only the case when one parent is deemed unfit to raise the children.
  • Legal custody. This is also an important determination to make, as the parent with legal custody has the authority to make decisions related to children’s health care, education, social activities and other needs.

Children need to get the support necessary for a healthy upbringing

For children to have healthy and happy lives, they must have an adequate amount of financial support. Courts typically allow for this through child support payments, in which one parent provides regular payments to the other to cover the costs of raising the children. This is based on current income and expenses, and both parents’ potential to earn income for the family. It takes an experienced divorce/family lawyer to ensure you get the best child support arrangement possible with the final court judgement.

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